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FRUITED SOUR | with Raspberry. Boysenberry. Strawberry. Blueberry.


TROPICAL SMOOTHIE ALE | with Apricots. Physalis. Peach. Passionfruit.


FRUITED SOUR | with Strawberry. Kiwi. Lime. 


Last year, we were one of the first German craft brewers to brew a TROPICAL SMOOTHIE ALE and CATHARINA SOUR with an incredible amount of unfermented fruit puree.

The Feedback was fantastic. But we had to learn that with these beer styles, which are still relatively new in Europe, some customers still lack a bit of experience. In America, it is absolutely common to shake beers with a high fruit content before opening so that the fruit puree mixes well. And because the note on the can was also too often overlooked, we came up with something:

We are selling the beers UPSIDE DOWN.

For this purpose, we have developed a new, unique can design with a two-part label. Besides the normal label around the can, there is also a magnetic inlay with the name of the beer. You can hang it on your fridge as a reminder. Or decoration. #smartart

The names of our new beers seem kind of strange at first sight, but fitting to the concept they are upside down as well 🙂 #palindrome

And because the concept as a whole is pretty new and unique, we're not making it a one-off series. Instead, it will be a SPIN-OFF project called: 

H A N D S T A N D.

(by atelier vrai).

This brand separately represents our FRUITED SOURS and TROPICAL SMOOTHIE ALES (Core) Range, made with incredible amounts of unfermented fruit puree.

During production, it was very important to us that no animal products such as lactose were used. We also completely avoid artificial flavors or ingredients that contain them.


For the can design of our new HANDSTAND spin off project, we collaborated with @stephanie_deuter, an artist from Frankfurt. After studying free painting as a master student under Tatjana Doll and Manfred Peckl in Karlsruhe at the State Academy of Fine Arts, she has already received several prizes and awards for her art. We show excerpts of her wonderful artwork based on her large format canvases, where she lets subtle silhouettes emerge from the pictorial space without being tangible.  

To really show off Stephanie's great art, we chose a combination of soft-touch laminate and UV flexo coating for the print materials. The goal: great haptics and brilliant colors