After a long long time, our first barrel-aged beers are finally ready for canning. We start with a new version of SAMT UND SEIDE Porter,our first craft beer ever brewed in larger quantities. Brewed with lots of rye caramel and roasted malt, the original version won silver at the renowned European Beer Star in 2017. With the new edition, we wanted to go one better and have changed the recipe so that it is fit for the 20 months in the 500l Olorosso sherry cask. So we pimped the maltbill to 22┬░ Plato and used a different yeast.

"Barrel aging is like a box of chocolates" you never know what you're going to get." (big shout outs to #forrrrest) - Fortunately, we got exactly what we thought we would: An incredible filigree, velvety and smooth porter that you wouldn't notice its nearly 10% alcohol at all. An extremely complex flavor profile with dried fruit, bittersweet chocolate, coffee, caramel, some
smoke and especially lots of sherry. Unlike its big brother, the ABENDS AM KAMIN, we left the SAMT UND SEIDE as it was - that means we didn't blend it with fresh beer to restore the body, which naturally diminishes somewhat during aging. This was probably the right decision - currently with an untappd rating of 4.20 you are just as enthusiastic as we are.