Since the early 1980s, advertisements have been printed on milk cartons in the United States to publicize cases of missing children. What was initially seen as a positive initiative often turned out to be, in the end, either racist, ineffective, or even driven by a tax-saving scheme. 

Consequently, contemporary popular media frequently portrayed this practice in fiction, often with a satirical tone.

M I S S I N G   S E R I E S

For our new series "Missing" we take inspiration from this familiar, almost iconic design. We go in search of things, behaviors or people that seem to have disappeared from the world. As always, this is approached with plenty of sarcasm, irony, a touch of politics, a bit of philosophy, a hint of ambiguity, a few puns, lousy life hacks and some hidden messages

Oh, and there's another special debut: We've had to wait so long for this, but it's finally here: we've used the famous and much-loved COMIC SANS font for parts of the can artwork. And another premiere: We've included the IBUs on a label for the first time. Really oldskool. 

We start the series with a Westcoast IPA. Many of you have asked for it. And we took it with a lot of goodwill, because we also love IPAs with crisp bitterness. But when we make a Westcoast IPA, we want them to be just as perfect as our Hazys.



"π€ππŽπ“π‡π„π‘ π“π‡πŽπ”π†π‡π“-ππ‘πŽπ•πŽπŠπˆππ† 𝐁𝐄𝐄𝐑 π’π„π‘πˆπ„π’βž

For centuries, the existence of God has sparked deep discussions among theologians, scientists, and philosophers. And now, we bring this captivating topic to your glasses with our brand new beer series, 

βπŽππ‹π˜ π†πŽπƒ π•πˆππ„π’βž

Yes, we're diving headfirst into the world of faith and belief, because what better way to ponder life's deepest questions than with a pint of heavenly nectar?

At Atelier  V R A I , we blend the art of brewing with philosophical musings because, let's face it, nothing goes together like pints and ponderings. So, join us in embracing the absurdity of it all as we raise our glasses to ONLY GOD VIBES.

No matter if you are religious or believe in Santa Claus, the soccer god, Elon Musk, Dionysus, the tooth fairy or in nothing at all: Join us for a taste of enlightenment -  the new beers are now available in our webshop.